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11 new posters

New posters have just been finished showing some of the lades in the "The Good Life" universe.

The posters are made in this size: 70 cm x 50 cm

Bjarne Kyed, ice cream, softice, Park Bench, Hat, Self confident girl, sitting girl


Hello, I'm Bjarne Kyed

I have been painting and doing different kinds of art for more than 40 years. The different kinds of art include oil/acrylic paintings, lithography and also stone, iron and foam sculpturing.

Over the years, different themes have been experimented with, but I am fascinated by people and I am more fond of big cities far more than nature.

My biggest inspiration has been observing people in different situations. When I was the editor-in-chief for an investment magazine, I was inspired by the stockbrokers.

When I was chief for

the designers at Shows &

Events at LEGO I was

inspired by the joy of

children’s play with the

creative bricks.

These days I am addicted

to “The Good Life”. So

things, which bring a

smile to my face while observing them or thinking of them, will sooner or later find their way to the canvas. With this I hope to bring happiness to other people.


Some years ago I started an artist union with a few other people and we ended up being about 30 members. The biggest event with that group was making a painting of 175 meters in 24 hours, where the newspapers and TV presented it, and the radio followed our progress every 2 hours to see if we could do it in time. 

In another exhibition the opening speech was made by a very famous Danish Actor.


I have made a lot of sales in Denmark over the years, and through my network I have sold some paintings to the USA and Canada.

Also, through my network, I was connected to a Scandinavian Art Gallery in Tokyo, and they bought everything I could make over several years. 

Bjarne Kyed, I Love my Balcony, Amarone, Valpolicella, Drinking Girl
Twist fun, Dancing on the Table, Coyote Ugly, Carlsberg, Grimbergen, Budweiser, Butt, Bud, Budweiser
Bjarne Kyed, no flower picking, no stepping on grass, butt, yellow dress,
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